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Position Filled - Job Posting for Recording Secretary

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Job Posting

Recording Secretary

Job Summary:
The position of Recording Secretary for monthly board meetings involves the following details:

Job Description:  
*Pre-Meeting:  receiving, compiling and creating future meeting agenda
Distribution of previous meeting minutes, attachments and agenda for current meeting
*Meeting:  attending, recording of minutes, as well as advising when required about the format of motions etc
*Post-meeting:  documentation of meeting in pre- agreed format within week of meeting
Distribution to ED and BD Chair (or delegate) of tentative minutes for review and feedback
Application of amendments and circulation of draft minutes with next agenda package.
This is a paid position, averaging 5 hours of work per month, with the exception of the AGM in Sept, which will generate an additional 3hours of work.

Start date is potentially Jan 21/2020
Please submit your interest, resume and salary expectations to execdir@penderislandhealthcaresociety.ca by Jan 3rd.