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Farmer's Market Nutrition Coupon Program

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We've partnered with the PI Farmer's Institute to provide 10 seniors with food coupons. Each senior will receive $21.00 in coupons, each week, for 16 weeks, to spend on fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, cut herbs and meats at the local farmer's market. We only have 10 spots so participation will be based on need and regular attendance at one of our food programs. Participants may be asked to fill out one of our Better at Home questionnaires to better assess need. Each participant will need to meet with the coordintor to pick up their first set of coupons to go over the program. See below for the attached Participation Enrollment Form or contact us at community_gathering@outlook.com

The Pender Island Child Care Society and the PI Food Bank have also partnered with the PI Farmer's Institute in the FMNCP. If you are a participant in their organization, return your application form to their organization. Each society has room for 10 participants.. 

Even as we fill our ten spots, we'd like to take a waitlist in case someone can't use their coupons and to assess need for future fundraising.

For support with nutrition skills and knowledge, join us Wednesday evenings at 6pm for our weekly Community Chop & Chat. 

This program is managed by the BC Association of Farmer's Markets and is sponsored by the Ministry of Health.